B+E Training Dorset

Would you like to be able to pull a trailer while driving? If that’s the case, then you will be requiring B+E training Dorset based Wayside Transport offers. Our dedicated trainers will provide a relaxing learning environment that will get you licenced in no time. Call us on 01202 873 911 to book your spot on the next course!

Dynamic B+E Training Dorset Drivers Will Benefit From

Do you already possess a driver’s licence but you would also like to be able to pull a trailer? In these situations, your existing licence won’t cover this and a B+E training Dorset course needs to be successfully completed. This is where Wayside Transport comes in.

Once your training has been completed, you will progress to the final stage, which is the test. This will cover several areas and include five “show me, tell me” questions. You will be required to give verbal responses as well as physical demonstrations.

This part of our trailer training in Dorset will be followed up with safety check questions. Then, you will need to complete the reversing challenge as manoeuvring with a trailer takes a fair bit of skill and practice.

Other Training Options Available at Wayside Transport

On top of being the number one choice for anyone looking up “B+E training Dorset” online, the team at Wayside Transport also provides several other training modules. Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience if you are also interested in any of the following:

B+E Training Dorset

Why Choose Wayside Transport for Your Trailer Training in Dorset?

At Wayside Transport, we will teach you everything that you need to know in order to be fully certified to pull a trailer over 750 kilograms in weight. Depending on your prior experience, B+E training in Dorset will run between one to three days.

Before your B+E training Dorset session begins, we will talk you through everything that will be covered during the course. Once this discussion has been concluded, you will be shown how to perform a comprehensive vehicle safety check.

Next, you will learn how to safely operate the vehicle while towing a trailer. This is similar to shunting training because the driver has to be aware of their surroundings at all times. You will be taught the set reversing manoeuvres and shown how to couple and re-couple the trailer. Finally, you will be shown how to drive safely around town while pulling a trailer.

All of our training courses are normally taught on a one on one basis by a NRI approved driving instructor. We have an exceptional pass rate, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re being taught by an accredited professional.

B+E Training Dorset Customer Feedback

Here at Wayside Transport, we take customer reviews very seriously because client satisfaction is at the heart of everything that we do. This is why we’re very proud of the fact that a lot of new students book our B+E training in Dorset thanks to a personal recommendation.

Would you be interested in reading some of the comments that our past students have left us? If so, then check out our dedicated page of testimonials online! Browsing through this feedback should give you all of the reassurance that you needed for enlisting our expertise for trailer training in Dorset.

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