If you are interested in driving buses, coaches and minibuses, it’s important to note that you will require additional training and certification. Only with a PCV Category D or D1 licence will you be permitted to operate any of the vehicles mentioned above. Here at Wayside Transport, we can help you to reach your goal through the provision of full bus and minibus training.

Whether you are an individual looking to invest in your own career or representing a company looking to provide training opportunities for your employees, we can help. From learning how to drive a bus or minibus to removing a 101 restriction from your existing licence, call Wayside Transport now and let us start you on the journey to obtaining your PCV Cat D or D1 licence.

How Can Wayside Transport be of Assistance?

The first step is to obtain your provisional PCV licence, and before this can happen, you must first undergo a full medical. Once a medical has been completed, the necessary paperwork will be sent to the DVLA at Swansea. We can arrange for this medical to be carried out saving you the time and effort of having to do it yourself.

Next, a provisional driving assessment will be carried out. This will help us to determine your current level of skill in order to approximate how much training you will require. Your theory tests can also be booked at this time, and you will be required to complete both a ‘Multi-Choice Theory Test’ and a ‘Hazard Perception Test’.

The Next Step

The next step is to book you in for a training course that is tailored to your specific needs and current level of skill. At Wayside Transport, we operate a flexible schedule, so you can choose slots that fit around your daily routine. The type of licence that you’re looking to obtain will determine the type of vehicle that you end up driving during your training. We can discuss this with you in more detail when we’re booking you in for your course.

When it comes time to take your test, you can do so either at our Poole LGV/ PCV Test Centre, Southampton LGV/ PCV Test Centre or at one that is local to you. For more than 20 years, Wayside Transport has offered reliable and competitively priced training solutions to hundreds of candidates. Take the next step in your career by choosing to train with Wayside Transport today.

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Why Should You Train for Your PCV Cat D or D1 Licence?

If you are considering applying for a PCV Cat D or D1 licence but unsure as to whether it’s the right step for you, you should consider how it might benefit you. To start with, obtaining this licence will broaden your career horizons and provide you with greater flexibility as a driver. This licence will equip you with the practical skills and knowledge you require to apply for a wider variety of positions.

You’ll be well-placed to work as a professional driver or to increase the efficiency of your team by diversifying their abilities enabling them to do more. Of course, the whole process might seem somewhat daunting to start with, but with our help, the whole process will be stress-free. Training is easy with our approach, and we can supply you with the forms and advice to help you obtain your provisional licence.

There are some official requirements for you to undertake before starting the course. For more information about our PVC Cat D or D1 training, call Wayside Transport now on 01202 873 911 and have a friendly, informal chat with a member of our team.

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