HGV driving course

Are you on the lookout for a comprehensive HGV driving course? Wayside Transport is the top choice for individuals wanting to train or retrain as HGV drivers, as well as organisations looking for a reliable provider with a high first time pass rate. Call us today on 01202 873 911 for more information.


Our HGV driving course

HGV Driving CourseThe HGV driving course at Wayside Transport is suitable for anyone who took their driving test after 1997 and is now looking to drive a vehicle over 3,500kg. This licence is also known as an LGV licence, a Class 2 licence, or a Rigid licence. LGV and HGV are essentially the same (large goods vehicle and heavy goods vehicle) but LGV is now the recognised term. As one of the best choices for LGV training, we provide a number of different course options to suit all manner of requirements.

Bus, minibus and trailer

Wayside Transport have over twenty years of experience in bus and minibus training. Regardless of whether you’re an independent contractor looking to invest in your career or a company looking to train your staff members, we can offer comprehensive training that will help broaden the horizons of your business.

Car trailer and caravan

Anyone who passed their driving test after 1997 will need to take an extra test to legally tow a trailer with a weight of over 750kg. This includes most caravans and horse trailers. If you have no prior experience with towing, then this course normally takes two and a half days. For more experienced drivers, the training will usually be finished within a day and a half.

LGV driving assessor

An LGV assessor is normally someone within a company’s transport team that works with management and drivers to review and update safe driving practices. This course is cost effective because it means your company will no longer have to rely on an external provider for this service. Having a team member trained as an LGV driving assessor will increase the safety of your staff and help reduce the number of accidents.

LGV driving instructor

This course is designed for competent drivers who have passed the HGV driving course and are now looking to become instructors. This is a ten day course that involves the following:

  • One on one assessment of your abilities by an experienced instructor
  • Five days of training that covers all aspects of the LGV instructor standard
  • Five days of training to prepare for your instructional ability test
  • Pre-arranged driving test
  • Pre-arranged ability test (you need to pass the driving test first)


Shunting means the pushing or pulling of a trailer or a caravan from the main line to a siding. Shunting accidents can happen when the driver is on unfamiliar terrain, in a hurry, or under stress. This training course helps avoid these issues by covering the various safety rules to follow when shunting and the drivers’ responsibilities on a public motorway. It also takes participants through hand signals, positioning, accident prevention, as well as personal safety in dangerous situations. This is a one day course that can take place at your company premises if requested.


Why choose Wayside Transport for your HGV driving course?

The current demand for LGV and HGV drivers is very high and qualified drivers are expected to earn up to £30,000 a year. The Wayside Transport HGV driving course offers all the training required so more people can benefit from this gap in the market and become successful drivers of heavy goods vehicles.

Here at Wayside Transport, we are proud to say that our first time pass rate is 25% above the national average. All of our instructors are friendly professionals with years of experience who will help you with every step of the process. Every employee holds a current DBS/CRB certificate. We also have female instructors available – please specify this request when getting in touch with us to book your course.

Wayside Transport is proud to have worked with a number of excellent service providers in the past. Some of our partners include:

For some genuine feedback from our satisfied customers, browse through some of the testimonials on our website. We also have an online gallery with some images of our training vehicles. On top of our renowned HGV driving course, Wayside Transport also offers CPC training and PCV training.



If you’ve decided that Wayside Transport’s HGV driving course is the best choice for you, call us now on 01202 873 911 and we’ll advise you of the next available course. You can also contact us by filling out the form on our website and a team member will be in touch with you shortly.