HGV Driving Courses

If you enjoy driving, and you’re looking for a new career path, why not become an HGV driver? With our HGV driving courses, you could be behind the wheel of a lorry and on your way to a £30,000 salary in no time. There are 4 stages to becoming a lorry driver, and our HGV driving courses are designed to provide high quality, professional guidance and training through each stage of your practical learning so call us today on  01202 873911.

How do our HGV Driving Courses help you to become a lorry driver?  HGV Driving Courses

Over the years, we have built up a reputation for supplying the best HGV Driving Courses in the South and boast a 25% over the average pass rate. We are committed to providing the very best LGV training and to stay true to this, all of our driving instructors have been lorry drivers for many years before they train to become an instructor.

Throughout our HGV Driving courses, we provide quality intensive tuition usually over the 5 days prior to you taking your test.  All of our driving instructors have been trained to adapt their teaching methods to each individual’s requirements, so you know that you’re getting the best training for you. At the end of the training, we can carry out a mock practical examination to assess whether you’re ready for your test and to see if there’s anything that you would like to practise.

Although you’re probably excited (and maybe a bit nervous) to get started, there are a number of steps that the DVLA require you to complete before you can start your training.

What do you need to do before our HGV Driving Courses?

While we recommend our HGV Driving Courses to anyone looking for a satisfying job with good pay and a career ladder to climb, there are few stages that you need to complete before you can begin our practical HGV driving course.  We’ve given you more information on each of the stages below:

Medical test

A medical test needs to take place before you start any HGV driving courses to find out whether you may have any underlying health problems that may put you and other road users at risk. For example, if you have a previously undiscovered heart condition that comes within an increased likelihood of fainting or a heart attack, you may not be allowed to get behind the wheel of a large lorry.  You can ask your Doctor to carry out a medical test, which needs to be completed in line with a medical form that you can download from the DVLA website.

Provisional licence

As with learning to drive a car, you will need to apply for a provisional license for the vehicle that you would like to learn to drive, such as a category C for HGV lorries. You will only be able to apply for a provisional licence if you have passed your medical test. As part of the application, you’ll have to send off your photocard licence, and once the DVLA has received it, they’ll usually take 10-14 days to process your application and send out your new provisional.

Theory tests

The process of learning to drive a lorry is stricter than learning to drive a car because you cannot begin your practical HGV driving courses until you have passed your theory test. The theory test for lorry driving is longer than the test that you would have taken when you were learning to drive a car, and there are 2 modules that you will need to pass before you can advance to our HGV driving courses.

As with your theory driving test, there is a multiple choice and hazard perception section where you need to achieve the benchmark amount of correct answers in order to pass. For those wanting to complete HGV driving courses to kick-start a career in lorry driving, you will need to pass an additional CPC case study theory test, which we also recommend studying for.

How will Wayside Transport help you to pass your practical test?

Once you have passed your theory tests, get on the phone to us right away to book one of our HGV driving courses.  We can offer you a pre-assessment to determine how many lessons you may need before you’ll be ready for your test – most people require 5 days of intensive lessons. Once we’ve established how much time you’ll need, we can book your test at an official test centre.

During that first session, your driving instructor will get to know you, your weaknesses and the most constructive ways in which to teach you. They’ll continue to monitor your progress throughout the course so you’re capable of completing all the exercises that may come up on your test to a high standard.  After you have completed one of our HGV driving courses, you will be a confident lorry driver ready to pass your test.

Again, if you’re looking into HGV driving courses in order to drive lorries for a profession, you’ll need to carry out an additional CPC test, which usually requires three hours of training. Think of this section as the lorry driver test equivalent of the show me tell me section of your car driving test.  As a necessary segment of our HGV driving courses, we’ll make sure you are confident in your operational knowledge of the lorry, including skills and health and safety.

What are the benefits of choosing Wayside Transport for your training?  HGV Driving Courses

When you choose one of our HGV driving courses can advantage from:

  • Opening career doors and climbing the first rung on the ladder
  • Proven training methods tailored to each individual
  • Help and advice on completing all the necessary forms
  • Local test centres

What other services do we offer?

Many lorry drivers turn to our instructor HGV driving courses so they can pass the tests needed to become a professional instructor. There’s an immense amount of job satisfaction that comes with being a lorry driving instructor so we always recommend that career option in the future.

For those wanting to take it that one step further, we also offer HGV driving courses for those looking to become assessors.

In addition to HGV related qualifications, we can also provide PCV training for professions that include:

  • Bus drivers
  • Minibus drivers
  • Trailer licences

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