HGV Driving Instructor Training

Are you a professional HGV driver with over 3 years’ experience looking to take your career to the next level? There’s an immense amount of job satisfaction to be found in teaching new lorry drivers, so why not invest in our HGV driving instructor training and take your career in a fresh, new direction today.

Introducing our HGV Driving Instructor Training

In a world where the demand for transporting goods is ever increasing, many peopleHGV Driving Instructor Training are turning to lorry driving because there’s work to be found and a good salary to be earned. As a result, there’s also a huge demand for highly skilled existing lorry drivers to make the change, take the HGV driving instructor training course and make good drivers out of the people who want to make transporting goods their career.

To be a credible HGV driving instructor, you need to be registered with the National Vocational Driving Instructors Register. They’ll ask you to sign up to a certified training centre and complete a HGV driving instructor training course before taking a series of examinations.

We are now an Accredited Instructor Test Centre for NRI           www.lgvinstructorregister.com  (copy and paste)

Our HGV driving instructor training aims to harness your skills and teach you everything you need to know to become a successful, registered driving instructor in the space of 10 days.

Read on to find out more about our HGV driving instructor training.

What can you expect from our HGV driving instructor training course?

We have formulated our instructor training course to ensure that we make incredible teachers from the best drivers. Here’s how you can expect things to happen when you choose Wayside Transport for your LGV training:

One-to-one training

We believe that only with one-to-one HGV driving instructor training can we achieve the best results. We want to get to know you so we can deliver the best tuition to suit your needs, as we understand that everyone learns in different ways.

Getting you up to driving instructor standard

Everyone develops bad habits over time, but when you’re teaching new candidates, there’s no room for error. As a professional driving instructor, you’ll have to have a keen eye for picking up their weaknesses, spot habits before they arise and predict mistakes; and you can’t do that if you’re making the mistakes yourself.  We’ll iron out all of your bad habits in the first 5 days to ensure that you can set a prime example for your future students.

Preparing for your Instructional Ability Test

There’s more than one way to teach, and you’ll find that one candidate will learn better if you use one technique, while another candidate will learn better with another technique. Part of our HGV driving instructor training course will be to make sure that you’re ready for your Instructional Ability Test, which will see your examiner put into practice the techniques and protocol you should use during your lessons.

The driving test

The driving test will ensure that you’re driving the HGV vehicle to the book. During your HGV instructor training, you will have ironed out all habits that you may have developed over the years of being a lorry driver. This will ensure that your skills will be on point and there will be no reason for failure.

The ability test

During the ability test, your examiner will take the role of the candidate, and you’ll roleplay a typical driving lesson. It’ll be your job to tailor your instruction to the abilities shown by the ‘candidate’, and demonstrate your ability to manage time so you can conquer everything in the syllabus in the standard time frame given.

You’ll need to give the ‘candidate’ the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and the techniques that you have shown them. You’ll be examined on whether you pick up on any mistakes, your ability to handle the errors, give constructive criticism and modify your teaching methods so the ‘candidate’ learns from their mistakes.

Why should you choose Wayside Transport?

At Wayside Transport, we are passionate about what we do, and we truly believe that HGV Driving Instructor Trainingthis manifests itself in our ability to provide high-quality HGV driving instructor training.  With a pass rate of 25% above average, many people choose Wayside Transport because they trust that we will do everything in our power to ensure that they are ready to pass. As such, we are proud to work with the DVLA and local emergency services as one of their chosen vehicle training instructors.

All of our course staff are expertly trained and have proven their ability to provide expert tuition. You’ll find that all the staff at Wayside Transport are friendly and helpful and have your career aspirations at heart. As such, we are able to form good relationships with all of our candidates, which in turn encourages successful learning and high pass rates.

Take a look at our testimonial page to read what our happy clients have to say.

“Hi, I recently undertook 2 days training for a C1 licence with Jon and passed first time. I found the service very professional, easy to understand and Jon was very informative and supportive. I would recommend Wayside Transport to anyone. Thanks to the team.”

-Ramses. Dorset

Other opportunities with Wayside Transport

We aren’t just passionate about delivering HGV driving instructor training. If you know of anyone looking to enter the transport industry, we deliver the following courses:

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