HGV Training Hampshire

Welcome to Wayside Transport! We offer well-designed training courses and proven techniques tailored to your needs. Our seasoned experts have extensive experience and can give you practical advice in lorry training for multiple HGV vehicles like LGV, PCV, car trailers, and minibuses. For more details, please visit our lorry training courses. Whether you are part of an organization or an individual seeking personal improvement, we have the right training for you in Hampshire. 

Our friendly team is very professional and well-versed, and all members can communicate effectively to give you all safety and legal requirements you need with a detailed overview of regulations.  

Our LGV and HGV training courses offer practical experience because that’s the only way you can progress and give out positive results in a short time. Our purpose is to grant all drivers equal HGV training opportunities and preparation to face license exams with confidence and nail them from the first try.  

Your Number One HGV Training Hampshire Company  

Here at Wayside Transport, we are proud to say that our reputation as the best agency offering training for HGV precedes us. We have a very long track record of more than 20 years in offering only the best training services for aspiring HGV drivers. 

As of where we stand in the market now, we are honoured to see that the bulk of our customers are coming from all over the South West to seek our training courses.   

Here at Wayside Transport, our statistics say that our licensing passing rate is well above the national average. Our training services are accompanied by our team of DVSA accredited instructors who are ready to teach you everything you need to know about HGV driving during your training.   

With our training, you can now become the most confident and competent HGV driver you can be. 

HGV Training Hampshire

Our HGV Training Courses

If you have been looking to make a career out of driving HGV that is over 3,500 kg, or in the case that you are a business owner looking to offer your own staff some extra training and certification, then Wayside Transport is the team for you. We will offer you a training service that would set the base for your HGV driving career.

Our team of training experts here at Wayside Transport will assist you every step of the way in order for you to attain your HGV license as smoothly as possible. Our range of comprehensive and well-design training courses ought to give you the HGV driving insight you need.

Here at Wayside Transport, we offer you a training terrain of our own where you can bring your HGV driving skills to the test. Alternatively, we can also offer to have the training courses on the customers’ organizations’ own premises for optimal convenience.

In the case that you aim at attaining a license for driving buses, minibuses, or even trailers, our team of training experts here at Wayside Transport have also got you covered. You can now get a PCV Category D or D1 for these kinds of skills. With the set of services we offer, you can now also remove the 101 restrictions from the license you already have.

How do I begin an HGV Training Course?

When it comes to the requirements we ask for in order to start your HGV training, they are simple and very straightforward. Our team of professional training experts guarantee that your new training will enable you to start driving HGV in no time.

The steps you need to take are:

  • Obtaining a driving license in addition to a medical report application
  • Attending a physical medical assessment
  • Sending the above forms to the DVLA
  • Undergo your theory and hazard perception examination
  • Undergo your initial driving assessment

Why Obtain an HGV License?

Here at Wayside Transport, we are the holders of a first-time pass rate that is 25% over the national average for obtaining any kind of license. It is safe to say that getting an HGV license is very much worth the time and money being invested in it.

You can now start making up to £30k a year as a licensed HGV driver. Our state of the art facilities here at Wayside Transport, including our vehicles and machinery, are the resources you need to get your HGV license as swiftly as possible.

Some of our previous students have been so kind as to leave us a collection of great testimonials that describe the smooth nature of our courses. Our over 20 years of experience in the training and license acquisition business have earned us the skills we need to cater to each and every kind of learners’ preferred method of learning.

We also have a group of friendly female trainers who are available to assist you if you have gender preferences. The time range we offer for our courses ensures a very rapid delivery process, where some courses have the possibility of being completed in one or two days.

HGV Training Hampshire
Comprehensive HGV Training

Our team at Wayside Transport is entirely dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive of training courses when it comes to HGV driving training. In order to be eligible to join our HGV driving training courses, you should have a passing driving test that dates after 2007 and is now looking to venture into driving a heavy goods vehicle that weighs over 3,500kg.

Rest assured that our team of training experts here at Wayside Transport will accompany you throughout every step of the entire process. We will provide you with the D2 and D4 forms you need to apply, in addition to referring you to a trusted physician for the physical medical assessment.

After you have received the provisional license from the DVLA, you would be all set to begin your new HGV training process. Please go through every step of the process we have mentioned above in order for you to avoid missing anything.

The first order of business we do here at Wayside Transport is asking you to undergo an initial driving assessment in order for us to know what level to assign you to. Here at Wayside Transport, we work on filling in the gaps and building upon whatever knowledge you have previously acquired.

Here at Wayside Transport, we also offer a wide array of additional services that include forklift courses, trailer and car training, towing and caravan assistance, HGV and LGV training, PCV bus and minibus training, periodic CPC, and even one on one instruction sessions.

A qualified and licensed HGV driver can begin earning approximately £30k per year as a beginner practising driver. What we know for a fact here at Wayside Transport is that there is a very high demand for HGV drivers here in Hampshire, and the demand does not look to be declining any time soon.

Here at Wayside Transport, we acknowledge that it is every HGV driver’s goal to pass from the first testing round. With our many years of expertise and certified evidence-based courses, we are proud to announce that our first-time pass rate for the sum of all our students is 25% above the national average.

Rest assured that with our team of training experts here at Wayside Transport, you are in safe hands. Please take a look at our gallery and testimonials section in order for you to get a better idea about the customer experience we offer.

Why Choose Us for Our HGV Training?

Wayside Transport has managed to accumulate the best set of experienced training instructors throughout our over 20 years in service. Over our many years of service, we have had the chance to work with all kinds of learners. This has allowed us to build a very good understanding of the different requirements that need to be present in a training program.

Our team of dedicated training experts have earned us an unparalleled reputation known for excellence and integrity, and we are entirely dedicated to retaining this stellar standard of practice. Here at Wayside Transport, we are locally known to be second to none.

We like to go the extra mile with our training courses in order to ensure that each and every single one of our students reaches the standard where they are comfortable in applying for their HGV license. Here at Wayside Transport, we are proud to be affiliated with NHS South Western Ambulance Service, Fire and Rescue, NIR, and Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue.

Here at Wayside Transport, we believe that anyone can succeed in becoming a great HGV driver should they have the right tools and resources to do so. Reach your full potential as the best HGV driver you can be with our range of training courses here at Wayside Transport.

Our many years of experience in the HGV training business have taught us that the best training methods are ones that combine both theoretical and practical knowledge. Our team of friendly training instructors here at Wayside Transport are fully DVLA certified and are committed to relaying the entirety of their set of training knowledge to you.

Our team of training instructors will shape and shift the course materials to fit your very own training and learning needs. We will offer you a set of the most valuable honest training advice that would only serve to better your understanding of HGV driving.

Here at Wayside Transport, we do not only offer training for HGV. Our team of seasoned training instructors is also competent in delivering all kinds of vehicle training that include minibus training, CPC training, car trailer training, PCV training, and shunting training.

For more information on what our team of training experts here at Wayside Transport can offer you, please continue to browse the rest of our website. The entirety of our courses is the best fit for your employees to get the training they need to operate your machinery. Here at Wayside Transport, we are committed to offering training services that are up to the highest of international standards and that are the most time and cost-efficient.

Our training instructors and services are certified by the Driving & Vehicles Standards Agency and Driver CPC. Rest assured that with our training services, you are going to gain the most valuable skills for HGV driving you can get.


Here at Wayside Transport, we understand the need for you to get a second opinion when it comes to signing up for our training services. In order to cure your anxiety, we have compiled a set of testimonials some of our previous customers have so kindly given us. Please scroll through our testimonials section and uncover our aim for customer satisfaction. 

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