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Are you looking to drive an LGV for a living? Or maybe you run a business and are in the process of upskilling members of your team to drive large goods vehicles. You’re in luck as Wayside Transport just so happens to be the best Dorset driver training school around. We provide a bevvy of courses to choose from, so whatever driver qualification you’re looking to obtain, we’ve got you covered. 

We provide a friendly, down-to-earth approach coupled with proven training methodology and unrivalled knowledge of current regulations. We offer the essential know-how, ensuring students pass our courses successfully the first time around. And with a first-time pass rate that’s higher than the national average, choosing Wayside Transport for driver training in Dorset really is a no-brainer. To find out more or to get started, call our team today on 01202 873911. You can also drop us an email at simon@waysidetransport.co.uk

The Best LGV Driver Training Dorset Company  

If you’re looking for the best LGV driver draining in Dorset, look no further than Wayside Transport. We’re the go-to school for individuals looking to start a new job and companies wanting to upskill their employees. If you wish to drive a large goods vehicle, you’ll need to obtain the appropriate licence, as this isn’t covered by a standard driver’s licence. That’s where we come in. 

Not only do we provide a wide range of courses and industry-leading training, but we boast a first-time pass rate that’s 25% above the national average. This saves you precious time as you’re far less likely to have to re-take your test, thanks to our knowledgeable approach. If you’re searching for outstanding LGV driver training in Dorset, you’ve truly come to the right place. 

Every single instructor at Wayside Transport is fully NRI accredited and hold a current DBA/ CRB certificate. We also have female instructors available upon request. Regardless of which of our instructors you end up with, you can rest easy knowing that you’re learning from the best. 

Our instructors are a friendly bunch and are there to answer questions and handle any concerns you might have. They’ll always endeavour to make you feel comfortable while building a positive rapport with you. They can put even the most nervous drivers at ease, which is why our first-time pass rate is so high. We understand what’s conducive to a successful learning experience. 

Our LGV Driver Training Courses  

LGV refers to large goods vehicles and is often referred to another term – HGV or heavy goods vehicles. These two terms mean the same thing and will be used interchangeably from here on out. Our Dorset HGV training courses (upon passing successfully) permit you to drive any heavy goods vehicle weighing more than 3,500kg. If you’re planning a career driving these large vehicles, you’ll need to pass this course. 

But did you know that we offer more than just LGV driver training courses? We also provide three related options, which are: 

  • LGV Driving Assessor Course 
  • LGV Driving Instructor Course 
  • Shunting Training 

First, LGV driving assessor training. Within an organisation, a team of drivers must operate in line with safe driving practices. This increases the safety of the workforce and reduces the number of accidents. These practices are regularly reviewed and updated, usually by an external assessor. You can train with us to become an assessor, or you can train a member of your team to fill this role. 

Next up, the LGV driving instructor course is self-explanatory. If you’ve already completed your HGV driver training and you’d like to advance your career further by becoming an instructor, this is the course for you. This course includes one-to-one training, and you must prepare a classroom presentation. The course takes around 6-7 days to complete, with the exams conducted at our Ferndown site in Dorset. 

Finally, shunting. Shunting concerns accidents that take place, usually at low speeds on company premises. You might be under pressure, nearing the end of your shift, or in an unfamiliar location. Shunting usually doesn’t involve other vehicles or drivers and can be easily avoided through training. 

How Do I Begin an LGV Driver Training Course?  

To begin your LGV driver training course, you must first satisfy two criteria – pass your medical exam and then obtain your provisional. Unlike with your driver’s licence, you do need to have passed your theory test before you can begin taking your driving lessons. And for both, you need a provisional. 

Before you get started, you’ll need to acquire the necessary medical forms from us. These must be taken to your GP and filled. Once they’ve been completed and you’ve been medically certified to drive an HGV, you’ll need to send these in support of your provisional licence application. Your licence will be issued, and you’ll then be able to begin your journey to becoming an LGV driver. 

Of course, all this starts with a phone call; get in touch with Wayside Transport today, and we’ll go over everything you need to know and provide you with the necessary paperwork. 

Why Obtain an LGV Driver License?  

Why would you want to obtain an LGV driver licence? Well, if your heart is set on driving large goods vehicles, you’ll need such a licence. This refers to any vehicle weighing over 3,500kg. You may be familiar with this licence under a different name, such as Rigid, Class 2 or HGV. These names are all interchangeable, and all permit you to operate large goods vehicles. 

Perhaps you’re looking to secure a role with a company that requires you to possess this licence. Maybe you’re looking to boost your employability or progress to become an assessor or instructor. Certainly, it’s very appealing when you consider that HGV drivers are in demand and that you could be earning up to £30k a year as an LGV driver. 

You may not even be the interested party. You could be running a company or in charge of a team that you need to upskill. Whatever the case may be, there’s a case to be made for obtaining an LGV licence. And when you consider the incredible course options and our impressive first-time pass rate, Wayside Transport really is the best option around. 

Comprehensive LGV Training   

Our approach to LGV training is truly comprehensive, and we’re confident that no other school comes close. From day one, you’ll receive extensive one-to-one training from one of our highly trained instructors. We keep up to date with the current syllabus, ensuring that our students are taught everything they need to know while operating LGVs on the open road. 

We’re not just focused on getting you trained and out the door as quickly as possible. To do so introduces the likelihood of an accident occurring soon after you obtain your licence. Instead, we focus on the mistakes you make, help to put these and any influencing factors, such as behaviour, into context. Helping drivers understand how the mistake occurred greatly reduces the chances of it happening again. 

And we never push you to progress at a pace you’re uncomfortable with. Our instructors are friendly and down-to-earth, able to work with even the most nervous candidates. You’ll be encouraged to learn at a pace that’s comfortable for you. At the end of the day, our objective is to see you qualify and go on to become a safe and responsible driver. 

As a company, we’re proud to work with partners that include: 

  • South Western Ambulance Service 
  • Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue 
  • SQA 
  • National Register of LGV Instructors 

So, you know you’re in capable hands when choosing to learn with Wayside Transport. 

Other Available Qualifications  

Besides LGV driver training courses, we at Wayside Transport offer a wide range of other course options. Whether you’re looking to tow a trailer, drive a minibus, etc., you can trust that we have it covered. Our course options include: 

  • ADR Training 
  • B+E Training 
  • C1 Training 
  • D1 Training 
  • Driver CPC Training 
  • Forklift Truck Training 

As you can tell from the list above, we really do provide a broad range of course options. So, if you’re looking to obtain any sort of driving qualifications, make sure to get in touch with the experts here at Wayside Transport. 

Affordable LGV driver training in Dorset

Why Choose Us for Our LGV Driver Training?  

When it comes to learning to drive large goods vehicles, it might seem like a daunting prospect. These vehicles are very large and can be difficult to handle for those unfamiliar with them. It goes without saying that a standard driver’s licence is simply not enough. This is because standard driving lessons don’t teach you the skills needed to handle these large vehicles.  

Enter Wayside Transport – the best option for LGV driver training in Dorset. Our company exists to serve two purposes. Firstly, we enable individuals to greatly expand their own job opportunities by providing our customers with a solid foundation for a driving career. Secondly, we enable business owners to ensure the safety and competence of their staff on the roads by offering outstanding driving instruction. 

We offer a friendly, down-to-earth approach coupled with proven training techniques and outstanding industry knowledge, providing a training experience like no other. Students will receive the full benefit of one-to-one training from experienced instructors who each hold an up-to-date DBA/ CRB certificate. We want students to feel comfortable, which is why we also make female instructors available for candidates who’d prefer to not have a male instructor. 

For whatever reason you seek LGV driver training, Dorset’s Wayside Transport are here to help. 

We offer results-driven training in a relaxing environment where every driver can learn at their own pace. So, for LGV driver training, Dorset’s drivers should make us their first port of call. 

We at Wayside Transport are the LGV driver training Dorset specialists who care. It is our top priority that every driver who completes their training with us moves forwards in their career with confidence and absolute proficiency behind the wheel. Our training encompasses all the technical knowledge and practical experience a new LGV driver needs. We produce drivers who are highly skilled, fully prepared, and responsible. 

So, if you require the best LGV driver training Dorset has to offer, Wayside Transport is the company to choose. 


We have countless students who’ve attained their driver training qualification after enrolling on one of our courses. Many would not hesitate to recommend our school to prospective students. So, if you’d like to read their testimonials for yourself, click the link. 

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If you’re looking to kick-start your career as an LGV driver or looking to send your team on Dorset driver training courses, look no further than Wayside Transport. With our friendly, down-to-earth approach, learning to drive large goods vehicles has never been easier. Our driver training centre is equipped to handle all your training requirements. Our courses are officially recognised, and with a first-time pass rate above the national average, you can expect great things from us. 

To get in touch with the Wayside Transport team to discuss your training request or enrol any of your team on our driver training courses, simply call us on 01202 873911. Alternatively, if you have any enquiries you’d rather submit in writing, you can do so by completing our online contact form or emailing simon@waysidetransport.co.uk. We always aim to respond as quickly as possible to all enquiries, so you won’t be kept waiting long.