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If you’re looking to undergo LGV training, Bournemouth residents, the company to call is Wayside Transport as we’re the number one LGV training specialists. We provide a friendly, down-to-earth approach coupled with professional training methods proven to create very capable HGV drivers. Whether you’re looking to undergo training yourself or upskill members of your team, you’ll find the right course option here. We provide essential know-how along with the practical experience each individual needs. 

Our goal is to deliver outstanding driver training that results in highly-skilled, well-prepared, and responsible drivers. We develop drivers to be safe while out on the road or operating on a customer’s site. Our results-driven training takes place in Ferndown, so if you’re looking to get involved, make sure to call us today on 01202 873 911. We will help steer you or your employees in the right direction. 

The Best LGV Training Bournemouth Company 

If you’re looking for the best LGV training provider, look no further than Wayside Transport as we have many years of experience delivering quality training solutions. 

Our LGV Training Bournemouth Courses 

Our LGV training courses are among the most comprehensive and cover all the bases, as you’ll find out below. There are also certain prerequisites which are also mentioned below. 

How Do I Begin LGV Training Bournemouth? 

To begin, you either get in touch with Wayside Transport or your company gets in touch on your behalf. There are official requirements that can be found by clicking on our LGV training page. 

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    The LGV Training Process 

    The LGV training process is in-depth and covers all the bases, from theory to practical. You’ll receive plenty of hands-on experience and be equipped with the expertise and knowledge necessary to drive safely. 

    Discover the Number One LGV Training Bournemouth Course on The Market 

    There’s no denying that we offer the number one LGV training course on the market. Our training is in line with the current syllabus and is delivered by industry-seasoned expert tutors. 

    The LGV Training Bournemouth Company You Can Trust 

    We’ve been assisting individuals and organisations for more than 20 years. We’ve built an excellent reputation, so we’re a training provider you can trust to deliver top-quality training courses. 

    Why Obtain an LGV Driving License? 

    An LGV licence is necessary if you wish to drive a large or heavy goods vehicle (HGV and LGV are interchangeable terms) weighing over 3,500kg. This training unlocks the Rigid/ Class 2/ LGV licence. 

    Comprehensive LGV Training Bournemouth  

    Driving an LGV is not as straightforward as driving a car, and so our training doesn’t mirror the standard training you would’ve received when learning to drive. Our comprehensive course covers basic and advanced skills. 

    Other Available Qualifications at Wayside Transport 

    Besides LGV training, here at Wayside Transport, we provide the opportunity to unlock other qualifications through training courses that include: 

    • ADR 
    • B+E 
    • Driver CPC 
    • D1 
    • C1 
    • Shunting 
    Wayside Transport Wimborne

    Why Come to Wayside Transport for Our LGV Training Bournemouth?  

    Come to Wayside Transport if you wish to undertake high-quality training, widen your skillset and flexibility as a driver, and work as a professional with no end of job opportunities. We provide a friendly, relaxed environment in which to learn and can help with everything, from getting you started to passing your final certification. Our training is affordable and recognised by our partners that include the National Register of LGV Instructors. 


    If you’re still on the fence, deciding whether we’re the right choice for HGV training, we recommend clicking on our testimonials page to see what previous students have to say about our training. 


    You’ve already consumed a lot of information about our training courses. A picture is worth a thousand words, so if you’d like to see our team in action before you decide, click on our gallery. 

    Contact Us Today for Our LGV Training Courses Bournemouth

    Now that you’ve had a chance to read through the above information, it should now be clearer as to who to call for LGV courses. Our HGV training specialists are among the best around, so you can be certain you’re in safe and capable hands. We will steer you the right way, towards a brighter career where you can earn a generous salary driving heavy goods vehicles. And if you’re running a business, we can take members of your team and upskill them with the training they need to do the job. 

    If you would like to learn more about the training we offer, contact us today for our LGV training courses Bournemouth customers. You can do so by calling Wayside Transport on 01202 873 911. You can also get in touch by completing our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. And if you require more information, keep reading. 

    Our LGV Training Bournemouth Approach  

    We adopt a friendly, down-to-earth approach, helping you through your training at a pace that suits you. By providing such a relaxed approach, students can complete their training without the sort of pressure that would otherwise hinder them. 

    LGV Driving Assessor Course  

    An LGV Assessor is a member of your team that works with management and drivers to review and update safe driving practices. Rather than rely on an external training provider, you can upskill one of your employees. 

    LGV Driving Instructor Course  

    If you’re a competent LGV driver and wish to become an instructor, our LGV Driving Instructor course will enable you to do so. You’ll receive one-to-one training to improve all aspects of your driving to reach the standard required to be an instructor. 

    Years of Experience 

    Wayside Transport boasts more than 20 years of experience, so you know you’re in safe and capable hands. We’ll help steer you in the right direction through our comprehensive training courses.  

    Our LGV Training Bournemouth Module  

    Our LGV training Bournemouth module is one of the best around, with a first-time pass rate of around 25% above the national average. Just be enrolling with us; you’ve already boosted your chances of succeeding. 

    Individual License Training for LGV Bournemouth  

    If you’re an individual looking to embark on a new career as an LGV driver, our training is just the ticket you’ve been looking for. Our training offers a convenient way to enter the world of LGV driving. 

    Driving to LGV Instructor Standard  

    Those looking to teach others must reach a certain standard of driving – and that’s where our LGV Driving Instructor course comes in. Lasting 6-7 days, you’ll be taught everything you need to know to teach others. 

    LGV Instructor Training Course Test, Bournemouth  

    All our LGV Driving Instructor training courses conclude with a text. All exams are conducted at our site in Ferndown. 

    Other Opportunities Here at Wayside Transport  

    Besides what’s already been mentioned above, there are ample training opportunities available here at Wayside TransportFor example, you can embark on shunting training to help more safely navigate customer sites. 

    Benefits of LGV Training Courses Bournemouth  

     The benefits include being taught by accredited tutors to a professional standard, receiving a nationally recognised qualification, and being able to unlock a career earning upwards of £30,000 a year. 

    How Do Our LGV Training Bournemouth Courses Help You Become a Lorry Driver?  

    Our LGV training courses equip students with the theoretical and practical skills and the confidence necessary to succeed at driving large goods vehicles. 

    What Do You Need Before Starting Our LGV Training Bournemouth Course?  

    Before starting your LGV training, you’ll need to have met certain prerequisites. First, you’ll need to have passed a medical test. Second, you’ll need to have obtained a provisional licence. And third, you’ll need to have passed your theory test. 

    Medical Test  

    You must download a medical form from our website and ask your doctor to perform a medical test in line with this form. This looks for any underlying issues which could put you or other motorists at risk. 

    Provisional License  

    You must obtain a provisional licence for the vehicle you wish to drive, in this case, a Category C licence. You will need to have passed your medical before applying. 

    Theory Tests  

    Unlike learning to drive a car, you cannot begin your practical LGV training until you’ve passed your theory. The theory covers two modules, including multiplechoice and hazard perception. 

    How Will Wayside Transport Help You Pass Your LGV Practical Test, Bournemouth?  

    We will help you pass your practical test by providing you with the most up-to-date and complete LGV training, ensuring you’re equipped to handle whatever the road throws at you. 

    Bus, Minibus and Trailer Courses  

    Besides LGV training, we also offer training courses that enable you to drive buses and minibuses, including while towing a trailer. You’ll need to complete one of these courses to remove the 101 restrictions from your current licence. 

    Car Trailer and Caravan Courses  

    If you passed your driving test after the 1st of January 1997, you’ll need to undergo additional training to legally tow a trailer with a gross weight exceeding 750kg. This includes most caravans. 


    Accidents during shunting are common and occur at low speed when navigating an unfamiliar site. Shunting training helps teach you the practical skills to make you more effective and aware when navigating an unfamiliar site. 

    Let’s Get Started Now   

    Having read the remainder of this article, it should now be evident who to call for LGV training. And if you’re looking to undergo any other type of vehicular training, you’re advised to check out our full range of training courses. 

     When Should I Book My LGV Training?  

    We recommend booking your LGV training at your earliest convenience. Once you’ve passed your medical and obtained your provisional, get in touch to discuss beginning your theory training.

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