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Welcome to Wayside Transport! We are a bespoke company based in Hampshire that offers all kinds of vehicle driving training. Our training courses include the training of individuals learning to drive LGV and HGV. With our LGV or HGV driving training courses, the possibilities and career prospects are truly limitless.  

Our team of seasoned LGV and HGV driving specialists are dedicated to offering flawless and top of the line training services to everyone and anyone interested in obtaining this training. Over our 20 years in the LGV and HGV driving training business, we have accumulated the necessary training expertise to know how to cater to the different kinds of learners we have.  

We cater to all HGV and LGV driving training needs and certifications, and we do it right here in Hampshire. Our training courses are specially catered to your busy schedules and our flexibility means that we can arrange lessons for a time that suits you most. We believe nothing should stand in the way of your HGV or LGV driving training process, and time is no exception to that. 

The Best LGV Training Hampshire Company 

Here at Wayside Transport Hampshire, we are committed to offering only the best HGV and LGV driving training courses. Our training courses are capable of boosting your HGV and LGV driving skills into the levels required for you to get your HGV or LGV license. When you sign up for our HGV or LGV driving training courses, you are signing up for a very flexible and nurturing training environment.  

We have acquired more than 20 years in the LGV and HGV driving training business, and we have come across so many types of training learners. Our years of training experience have given us an acute understanding of what training methods are best to be integrated into the LGV or HGV driving training process. We developed an HGV and LGV driving training service that is guaranteed to deliver only the most competent of HGV and LGV drivers.  

Here at Wayside Transport, we are dedicated to training students to develop a sense of skill, preparedness, and responsibility throughout their LGV or HGV training process. The unique LGV and HGV driving training approach we have spent years developing is the best training experience that teaches HGV training students to be safe and legal with their driving. Here in Hampshire, our HGV training service is custom built to cover all the necessary requirements needed for HGV and LGV drivers to get their licenses in no time.  

The LGV or HGV training process can be carried out anywhere here in Hampshire, and we can even deliver your training within your own premises! Not only that, but we have an excellent training scheduling process that is custom tailored to meet every learners’ needs. 

Our LGV and HGV driving training process is results-driven, and the success rates we have for our training over the years is off the charts.  

Qualified and licensed HGV and LGV drivers are always in high demand, and our Hampshire driving training service is the training service you need to get your wheels rolling. Our experienced HGV and LGV driving training team are committed to helping every training seeker be the best HGV or LGV driver they aspire to be here in Hampshire. Our training services achieve more than getting you licensed. Our training modules and methods are the solid foundation any training seeker needs to start their LGV or HGV driving career.  


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Our LGV Training Courses 

Here at Wayside Transport, we cater to all your LGV driving training needs. We are the right servicing company for you if you’re a company representative looking for the next training opportunity for your employees. Even more, come to us if you’re a driver looking for the next training experience to boost your career prospects. 

Our training modules have shown success rates that are over the national average, and our passing rates speak for themselves. We custom tailor every Hampshire training process to the learner’s needs.  

How do I begin an LGV Training Course? 

The process required for you to initiate your training journey with us here in Hampshire is fairly simple. Our team of training experts here in Hampshire will help you acquire the requirements you need to get your LGV driving started. These requirements include: 

  1. Obtaining a license and a medical report application
  2. Attending a medical assessment
  3. Sending these forms to the DVLA
  4. Undergo the theory and hazard perception tests
  5. Undergoing an initial driving assessment
  6. Undergoing your Hampshire LGV driving training

Our team at Wayside Transport will assist you with providing the necessary forms to be completed, and we will even recommend a specialised physician if you do not have one. Once you complete all of these prerequisites, you can continue with the practical training process.  

Each and every one of our courses begins with assessing your capabilities in a particular training field for our training experts to build on your own knowledge. Next, the lesson would be tailored to fill in the gaps you need to excel within a particular training course.  

Our training sessions can take place on your preferred terrain. Alternatively, we have an excellent training facility that can cater to all your HGV or LGV driving training needs. 

The LGV Training Process 

Our Hampshire team here at Wayside Transport are here to steer you the right way. Expand the scope of your job opportunities with our HGV and LGV driving training services. Our team of experienced driving training professionals will make sure you are most comfortable and that you are receiving your training at your own pace.  

Our training experts shall provide you with all the driving training tools you need to operate your next HGV or LGV. We combine both theoretical and practical knowledge throughout our training process to achieve the best outcomes possible for you here in Hampshire.  


LGV Training Training

Why Obtain an LGV Driving License? 

We know that the priority for any new driver is to pass their assessment licensing test from the first trial. With Wayside Transport, you can now benefit from our two decades of expertise in boosting drivers’ passing rates. With our training services, we have achieved a first-time HGV or LGV license passing rate that is 25% over the national average. It is safe to say that you are in safe hands.  

Why Choose Us for Our LGV Training? 

We have acquired over 20 years of experience behind training wheels. Every single one of our HGV and LGV driving training specialists is DVSA approved. Our Hampshire instructors are dedicated to offering you the best training experience to enable your success. Our training scope can assist you even if you are a complete beginner or seeking to become a training expert yourself.   

Our Hampshire driving training experts are patient and will give you the timeframe to excel within your HGV or LGV driving training. Our driving training process is one of the highest standards here in Hampshire. It is not only a time efficient training process; it is also cost-effective. 


Here at Wayside Transport, you do not have to trust our words only. Please take a look at our gallery and testimonials page to get an idea of the satisfaction rates of prior students who have passed under our training.

Contact Us Now 

Contact our team at Wayside Transport Hampshire today to get a head start on your HGV or LGV training. Our Hampshire HGV training experts are the people you need to be delivering your next LGV or HGV training course. The LGV or HGV training course you are about to undertake will give you the training competency and skill you need to jump-start your HGV or LGV driving career. Start your Hampshire HGV training with us at Wayside transport for the best HGV or LGV training services in all of Hampshire.  

You can now book your spot in one of our HGV or LGV training courses right here in Hampshire at your own time preference. Schedule your next HGV or LGV training session with our Hampshire team that best fits your own free time. We guarantee that our team of LGV and HGV training experts will make you feel more than comfortable throughout your LGV or HGV training  

Give our Hampshire HGV training experts a call at 01202 873 911 to schedule your next LGV or HGV training session. Broaden your career aspects with our HGV training services right here in Hampshire.