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If you’re planning on embarking on a career as a minibus driver, you’ll first need to make sure you have the appropriate licence. Here at Wayside Transport, we provide the best minibus training Dorset has to offer. We offer the expertise and experience of a company with more than 20 years’ experience. Our courses are affordable, cover the entire syllabus and are delivered by highly knowledgeable instructors. To get started, call us on 02380 175 767. 

The Number One Choice for Minibus Training in Dorset 

At Wayside Transport, we provide access to a wide range of courses, including minibus training. Dorset customers looking to drive a minibus as a career must first pass one of these courses. We cater to individuals looking to train and companies looking to upskill several employees at once. We take you through the steps, helping you on your way to becoming a safe and responsible minibus driver in no time. 

If you don’t have your provisional yet, we can help you with this. Before you begin your Dorset minibus training course, we’ll obtain and help you with the required forms, so you can start without delay. 

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    The Best Minibus Training Dorset Has to Offer 

    If you’re interested in our minibus training in Dorset, give our training centre a call to request a slot for either yourself or members of your team. Each candidate will receive one-to-one tuition from one of our instructors, all of whom are fully accredited with the National Register of Instructors. They all hold current DBS certificates. Once D1 training is complete, candidates can take their course either at our Poole LGV/PCV test centre or our Southampton location. 

    Following the completion of our Dorset minibus training course, you’ll be qualified to drive a minibus with up to 17 seats driver’s seat included. This new licence will widen your career prospects and make you more flexible as a driver. You’ll be able to work professionally, and if you need to get your licence quickly before starting a new job, our intensive courses are certainly advantageous.  

    Before you apply, there are exceptions worth bearing in mind. If you obtained your standard driver’s (Cat B) licence before January 1st 1997, under Grandfathering Rights, your licence would already have the D1 certification. So, while you can drive a minibus privately, a 101-restriction code means you cannot drive it commercially. If you wish to drive a minibus commercially or passed your test after January 1st, you’ll need to embark on minibus training, Dorset customers. This will unlock your D1 licence or lift the restriction on an older Cat B licence. 

    Minibus + Trailer 

    If you’re planning on driving a minibus while towing a trailer, you cannot do this on a standard D1 licence. For this, you must have a D1+E (Minibus and Trailer) licence. At Wayside Transport, we can provide additional training and certification, teaching you the basics of operating a minibus with a trailer attached. We’ll teach you how to do this safely, and once certified, you’ll be able to tow a trailer with a gross weight of more than 750kg. 

    Other Available Courses 

    Besides minibus training, Dorset-based Wayside Transport also provides other course options, including: 

    • LGV Training  
    • LGV Instructor Training  
    • CPC Training  
    • PCV Training  
    • And Others!  
    Wayside Transport Wimborne

    Why Should You Choose Our Dorset Minibus Training School? 

    Backed by more than 20 years of experience, we at Wayside Transport have built an excellent reputation as one of the most widely recommended training schools around. Whether you’re looking to drive heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) or embark on minibus training, Dorset customers will be hard-pressed to find a better option than us. We offer courses delivered by highly trained and experienced instructors. We provide a friendly and relaxed environment that’s conducive to learning. 

    Every instructor is endorsed by the DVSA and holds up-to-date DBS certifications. We offer entirely bespoke packages built around your specific requirements. We boast an impressive first-time pass record as well as an array of courses, all of which are competitively priced. Whether you’re a private individual or a company, you know you’re speaking to the best there is when you call up Wayside Transport.

    But don’t just take our word for it; click on our testimonials page to see what others have said about us. If you’re convinced that we’re the right school to call for minibus training in Dorset, get in touch using the details below. 

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    For professional minibus training, Dorset customers need look no further than Wayside Transport. To get in touch, phone us on 02380 175 767, email us at or fill out our contact form. 

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      Our services include

      One-to-one instruction

      ADR Dangerous Goods

      LGV / HGV training

      PCV  Bus / Minibus training

      Car and trailer training

      NRI-Instructor Qualification training

      NRI-LGV driving assessor course

      Itssar Forklift Courses

      Support in gaining your C/C+E/C1 LGV licence or D/D1 PCV licence

      Periodic CPC

      Ambulance Training

      Caravan and Towing Assistance