Shunting Training

Are you searching for a reliable company that offers shunting training? If you are, you need look no further now you have found Wayside Transport. We are renowned for offering highquality vehicle training to our clients, ensuring they are qualified and safe on the road quickly and efficiently. To find out more about this training, please call us today on 02380 175 767. 

Shunter Training 

Many people assume that accidents occur due to travelling at a high speed, but you will be surprised to hear that many accidents happen with lorries in the process of shunting. This is the process in which trailers are moved from one location to another, and it usually occurs at low speed in built up commercial sites. As such, it is important that anyone who needs to carry this out in their job is given LGV shunter training. 

Generally, the main causes of shunting accidents are drivers who are unfamiliar with the site layout, those under stress, or those at the end of their shift and in a hurry. However, these accidents can usually be avoided by having the drivers undergo shunting training with a reputable trainer such as Wayside Transport. 

Our shunter training is designed to prepare drivers to operate across all busy commercial and industrial sites. Drivers who train with us will become more confident and aware of their surroundings, better able to react to changes in site layout and conditions. 

This LGV shunter training covers safety rules to follow for various situations you may find yourself in, such as if the rear view is restricted. The training includes guidance and practical demonstrations, with an experienced instructor observing. They will advise each trainee on their performance and provide an assessment and feedback. 

Other Training Courses Available 

Here at Wayside Transport, we have been providing a wide range of driver training courses for many years. In addition to our shunting training, you can come to us for the following: 

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of the training courses we offer. If you would like to find out more about any of the above, or find out what other training courses we offer, please call us on 02380 175 767. 

Why Choose Wayside Transport for Shunting Training? 

Here at Wayside Transport, we have been providing clients with a vast range of driver training courses for many years. We offer a friendly and down to earth approach so you can learn at your own pace in a relaxing environment. When you come to us for shunter training, you will receive essential knowledge and ample practical experience. 

Over the years, we have only continued to improve our training courses and ensured we keep apprised of any new developments in the law. This allows us to provide the most up to date training for you, something which has led to us gaining a stellar reputation in the industry. For shunting training, or any other training course, we come highly recommended. 

Don’t just take our word for it though; why not head over to our testimonials page to see some of these reviews for yourself? Once you have, we are confident you will understand just why we are so highly recommended and reach out about your own LGV shunter training. 

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