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Are you looking to expand your career opportunities and undertake shunting training? Bournemouth drivers wanting to take that next step are in luck now that they’ve discovered Wayside Transport. Enrol in our next course by calling 01202 873 911 and we’ll make sure that your post-training job offers multiply.

Reliable Bournemouth Shunting Training at an Affordable Price

The term “shunting” refers to the process in which trailers are moved from one location to another. This can mean in and out of dock doors or simply between two locations. Shunting occurs at low speed and in the middle of commercial sites where drivers have to be careful about their surroundings. This is where shunting training in Bournemouth comes in.

Accidents during shunting are quite common, usually happening at low speed on company premises. The main cause is normally drivers who aren’t familiar with the site’s unique layout. Sufficient preparation and shunting training, Bournemouth clients, is the solution to this and Wayside Transport has got you covered.

It’s the responsibility of the employers to ensure that proper supervision is undertaken, and this can be ensured with our shunting training. Bournemouth business owners are encouraged to enrol their drivers in our course to avoid accidents and damage to goods.

Wayside Transport provides shunting training Bournemouth managers can trust. Your drivers will be prepared for operating across all manner of industrial and commercial sites. Through adequate instruction, the drivers will become more confident and aware, better able to react to changing surroundings.

One-Day Shunting Training Bournemouth Can Undertake Now

Your course will be completed in a single day. If you are looking to enrol numerous participants at the same time, then additional days may need to be arranged. Just let us know before finalising the details of your Bournemouth shunting training at Wayside Transport.

Our instructors will cover all of the appropriate safety rules that need to be followed in various situations while shunting. We will put special emphasis on site manoeuvring with a restricted rear view.

Come to Wayside Transport for Shunting Training in Bournemouth

Here at Wayside Transport, we want to steer you in the right direction and help you expand your professional opportunities. Our approach is down to earth and friendly – you will always learn at your own pace in a relaxing environment.

We will give you all of the essential knowledge and extensive practical experience to ensure that you not only pass, but become a secure maneuverer for life. Our school has an outstanding success rate and our training is always results driven.

Talented LGV drivers are always in high demand and shunting training will only make your skill set more rounded. Reach out to our team and take that first step towards realising all of your career ambitions.

What People are Saying about Our Shunting Training in Bournemouth

Check out our dedicated page of testimonials to read through the feedback that we’ve received over the years. We’re confident that once you pass our Bournemouth shunting training, you also won’t hesitate to vouch for our excellence.

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