Shunting Training Southampton

Whether you’re an HGV operator or an employer responsible for a team of drivers, shunting training is a mandatory requirement. Sufficient training, instruction, and supervision must be provided, and that’s precisely what we offer here at Wayside Transport. We’re the best choice for shunting training, Southampton has to offer. To book yourself or a member of your team in, call us on 02380 175 767.

Professional Shunting Training in Southampton

Contrary to what many believe, more collisions take place on roads or in car parks and service yards than on motorways. This is because the latter usually involves vehicles manoeuvring in close quarters where the likelihood of a collision increases greatly. This is true with commercial sites where lorries are often engaged in the process of shunting. Training, Southampton, is required to ensure that such risks are mitigated.

What is Shunting?

Shunting is where trailers are moved from one location to the next. This could be from one end of the yard to the other or in and out of dock doors. The process occurs at low-speed, yet there is quite often other vehicles and people about. Shunting also tends to occur in close quarters, and so awareness of one’s surroundings is critical.

The major causes of shunting accidents are drivers who are unfamiliar with the site layout, under stress, or in a hurry to finish their shift.

Here at Wayside Transport, we provide to drivers throughout Southampton, shunting training that will ensure full compliance with the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act. Serious injuries or even fatalities can occur if a driver is not sufficiently trained in the process of shunting. Therefore, our training is all the more invaluable to both drivers and employers. You can read more about this below.

Shunting Training Southampton Drivers Will Find to be Invaluable

Manoeuvring a car is dangerous enough, but attempting something similar with something as large as an HGV is a whole different story. Our shunting training in Southampton prepares students with the knowledge and skills they’ll need to engage in shunting manoeuvres across a range of commercial and industrial sites. Our training will teach students how to adapt to changing layouts, and to operate safely and responsibly.

We can provide advice to both drivers and those whose job it will be to instruct others in the process. Safety rules are covered, and students must familiarise themselves with these in order to successfully pass their shunting training. Southampton, our course covers other areas too, including

  • Hand Signals
  • Positioning
  • Accident Prevention
  • Personal Safety
  • And More!

We also cover aspects such as reversing, coupling and uncoupling a trailer, and much more. Proficiency is the aim of our Southampton shunting training courses, which will all be observed by an experienced instructor. The instructor’s job is to advise each candidate and provide feedback to correct any bad habits which may have been observed.

Shunting Training Southampton

One-Day Course

The course itself should take one day to complete, though the total duration of the course may be extended depending on the number of participants. The course can be delivered at your site or ours, and at the end, a complete report will be provided that outlines areas for improvement. Following the completion of shunting training, Southampton participants will be signed off as fully certified to engage in shunting operations.

If you have any questions which you’d like to put to us regarding what has been mentioned above, call Wayside Transport now on 02380 175 767.

Why Choose Our Southampton Shunting Training Providers?

Here at Wayside Transport, we’re committed to providing our customers with all the essential knowledge and practical expertise that they require to be safe and responsible drivers. With a variety of courses to choose from, including shunting training, Southampton residents and employers will not have to look elsewhere for transport-related training courses.

Our courses are carried out in a relaxed environment and are completely results-driven. You’ll be taught by one of our friendly instructors, all of whom are fully qualified and certified. Our courses have been developed with both individuals and organisations in mind. So, whether you’re searching for providers of shunting training in Southampton for yourself or your employees; we’re the right choice for you.

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