Where can I get DCPC training?

If you’re googling ‘where can I get DCPC training?’, look no further than Wayside Transport for a professional and expert service.  Whether you need to drive larger vehicles for personal use, or want to make a career out of driving HGV vehicles or large passenger vehicles, we’re here to make sure you gain the necessary qualifications to get you on your way. Call us to arrange your CPC training by phoning 01202 873 911 today.

Introducing DCPC training

DCPC stands for Driver Certificate of Professional Competence and is your ticket to a successful LGV driving career. Split into 4 parts, the sections that you must complete are based solely on whether you intend to drive an LGV for professional or personal use.

When asking ‘where can I get DCPC training?’, make sure that you know what to expect by researching each of the sections. If you’re looking to drive an LGV for personal use, you only need to complete section one and section three of the CPC training, but if you would like to drive lorries for a profession, you’ll need to pass all four sections.

We’ve given you an outline of each of the sections below:

Part one

Part one is your theory test and must be taken at your local test centre. As with your car driving theory test, there is a multiple choice section and a hazard perception test. However, you must pass these before you’re legally allowed on the road.

Part two

During part two, you are faced with seven case studies, which are essentially short scenarios that you are likely to come across during your career as an LGV driver. You are then required to answer six to eight multiple choice questions based on the case studies.

Part three

Part three is your practical test, and consists of three separate segments. You will have to show competency across all three sections in order to pass. The sections include:

  • Vehicle safety questions
  • Practical road driving
  • Off-road exercises

Part four

Part four is another practical test but this time, the examiner is looking for competency across all operational and health and safety aspects of lorry driving including:

  • Loading and offloading
  • Vehicle security and walk around safety checks
  • Prevention of trafficking illegal immigrants
  • Assessing emergency situations

How can we help you?

If you’re searching ‘where can I get DCPC training?’, make sure you invest in the services of a professional and well-established company. Here at Wayside Transport, we’ve invested in a fleet of specially adapted vehicles which will help you to get to grips with all the aspects regarding your practical test.

Our experienced and qualified instructors have many years of experience to call upon. They’ll combine their knowledge and skill to ensure that you’re a confident lorry driver within 5 days of intensive lessons.

During your first lesson, they’ll get to know your competences and your weaknesses. They’ll adapt their teaching methods to your learning style so you can become test-ready as soon as possible.

Here at Wayside Transport, we provide training for both parts of the practical test, which means you can rely on us whether you require training for professional or personal purposes.

Benefits of choosing our DCPC Training

CPC Training Centre

Lorry driving is an immensely rewarding career path that can take you to places you’ve never thought of going. You can often pick and choose the journeys that you are prepared to take and tailor your working schedule around your preferred working hours.

With our CPC training, you can be on your way to a successful lorry driving career within 5 days. We’ll make sure that you’re completely confident in all aspects of your practical driving test before you take it so your chance of passing is at its highest.

When you choose Wayside Transport as your answer to ‘where can I get CPC training?’ you’ll benefit from:

  • The opportunity climb a rewarding career ladder
  • Proven training methods provided by professional instructors
  • Help and advice for all sections of your lorry driver training
  • Connections to local test centres

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If you’re searching ‘where can I get DCPC training?,’ talk to the team at Wayside Transport today and find out how we can help you to forge a successful lorry driving career.