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Car and Trailer (B+E) Competency Training

New Laws Regarding the Car and Trailer (B+E) Driving Licence

Between 01 January 1997 and September 2021, car drivers were required to take an additional driving test to attain their B+E (Car & Trailer) entitlement.

However, from 20th September 2021, there is no longer a requirement to pass a test to tow a trailer, caravan or horse trailer. Anyone with a full car licence is able to tow a trailer or caravan up to 3500kg.

Car and Trailer Competency Training

Although the requirement to take a B+E test has been removed, drivers are encouraged to complete competency training for the safe use of trailers, caravans and horse trailers.

For businesses, competency training will meet the requirements of basic driver risk assessment mitigation and will help reduce the number of insurance claims by making sure employees have the right skills to tow safely.

Training is typically conducted on a 1-to-1 basis over a 6 hour period, unless otherwise requested. We will supply the vehicle and trailer for training purposes, or alternatively you may wish to provide your own.

Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a B+E Car and Trailer Competency Certificate.

What You’ll Learn

Throughout the course you will cover the following four modules:

  • Vehicle and Trailer Checks
  • Safe Uncouple & Re-couple Procedures
  • On-The-Road Driving Abilities
  • Reversing and Manoeuvring Exercises

Adapt To Your Needs…

Courses can be adapted to suit any specific needs/requirements you may have, such a practising reversing manoeuvres at your own premises/horse yard

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