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Are you interested in driving a heavy goods vehicle over 3,500 kg? Our LGV courses will fully prepare you for your driving tests and will provide a solid foundation for your driving career. Once qualified, you can expect to earn up to £40,000 a year as there is currently a very high demand for LGV drivers.

Qualified LGV or PVC drivers wanting to work professionally will need to complete Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) training. All of our instructors will be focused on your unique needs and requirements, so you will find the training to be dynamic and efficient.

If you wish to transport goods known to be dangerous or hazardous, you will require ADR Certification.  Our ADR courses cover all aspects of  transport dangerous goods safely and securely, whether in packages or tankers.  Holding ADR Certification will open up extra career opportunities within the haulage industry, helping you develop professionally.

Additionally, we provide expert minibus, car trailer, and ambulance training. Centrally located in Dorset, we can be easily accessed from Hampshire as well as Wiltshire via the A31.

What You Can Expect:

High Quality Training

Widen Your Skillset and Flexibility As A Driver

Work As A Professional Driver With Ample Job Opportunities to Choose From

If you need to obtain a provisional licence, then we will supply you with all of the forms and assistance you need in getting it sorted quickly. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything that we do, so you are always welcome to contact us with any enquiries.

Our Courses

LGV/HGV Training

ADR Training

B+E Training

Category C1 Training

D1 Minibus Training

Allmi Lorry Loader

Driver CPC Training

First Aid At Work

Emergency First Aid At Work

Defibrillator & CPR First Aid Training

LGV Driver Assessor Course

Shunting Training

Fork Lift Truck Training