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Are You Looking To Undertake A First Aid At Work Course?

The First Aid at Work certification builds on the skills acquired in the Emergency First Aid at Work course. This three-day programme will equip attendees with the skills and knowledge required to provide first aid in the workplace in an efficient and responsible manner. This course has been created specifically to meet the requirements of the latest Health and Safety (First Aid) regulations.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is designed for those who wish to progress beyond the basic knowledge acquired in the Emergency First Aid at Work course. It is intended for people who want to receive more thorough training to help them prepare for the challenges that they might face in an emergency.

Just Looking For A Re-Qualification?

Once you’ve passed the First Aid at Work course, it’s worth noting that you must renew your certification once every three years. This is to ensure that your knowledge remains fresh and that you are aware of all current changes in legislation and all up-to-date techniques. The HSE urges all first aiders to re-qualify within a month of their certificate expiring.

The First Aid at Work (Re-Qualification) course is intended solely for individuals looking to renew their current first aid certification. It’s designed to supplement pre-existing knowledge and is, therefore, not suitable for beginners.

Time for revision is allowed as are practice sessions.

A written assessment will be carried out, and this must be passed in order for the attendee to be re-certified.

This refresher course will take place over the course of two days and will cover the contents of the First Aid at Work course.

CPC Accreditable

If the attendee requires us to do so, we can also accredit the seven-hour Driver CPC training.

What’s Involved?

As this is a more advanced course, attendees will be taught how to handle more advanced emergency cases, including:

Head Injuries

Low Blood Sugar

Asthma Poisoning

Bone, Muscle & Joint Injuries

Severe Allergic Reactions

Chest Pains (Including Heart Attacks)

Spinal Injuries

Eye Injuries



This is in addition to refresher training for the areas covered during the Emergency First Aid at Work course.

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