LGV Driver Assessor Course

Are you an experienced LGV driver looking for a change of pace?

If you’d like to try something new while adding invaluable skills to your CV, Wayside Transport can help. Our LGV Drivers Assessor Course is the next logical step for those who wish to progress their career and move onto assessing the driving abilities of others.

This course is designed to equip experienced LGV operators with all the skills and knowledge required to assess the driving abilities of fellow drivers. Each course is broken down into two core components, both of which are essential for completing the course. You can find out more about each component below, or you can call our team today on 01202 873 911 (Bournemouth) or 02380 175 767 (Southampton).

LGV Drivers Assessor Course Assessment

This is an initial assessment that all prospective candidates must pass in order to continue with the course. The purpose of this assessment is to put the candidate’s driving abilities to the test and includes all the practical elements of the LGV test. All candidates are expected to demonstrate advanced knowledge of driving and road safety and must be able to apply them in practice.

As the course will enable drivers to assess others, the requirements for passing this assessment are much more stringent than for the normal LGV driving assessment. If the candidate demonstrates a high level of competence, they will be cleared to move on to the next part of the course.

Those who do not make the grade will be issued with a report that lists the reasons why. The assessment should take no more than two hours to complete from start-to-finish.

Why Choose to Train with Wayside Transport?

Here at Wayside Transport, we adopt a unique approach coupled with proven training methods that have a track record that boasts demonstrable results. From equipping drivers with the necessary skills to sharing our experience and knowledge, we’ve helped many over the years achieve their career goals.

From training those just starting out on how to operate LGVs or PCVs to providing advanced ADR Dangerous Goods Training or LGV Drivers Assessor Courses, we cover all the bases. Our results-driven approach is why so many choose us over our competitors. By helping to provide you with a solid foundation for your driving career, we leave you better equipped to handle whatever comes your way.

LGV Driver Assessors are always in high demand, so take the next step today towards becoming one. Call Wayside Transport on 01202 873 911 (Bournemouth) or 02380 175 767 (Southampton) to book your assessment with a member of our team.

What’s Involved:

LGV Drivers Assessor Training Course

Candidates who pass the initial assessment will be granted access to the 5-day training course. From here on out, each candidate will receive advanced training that builds on their existing knowledge further. Each course will be conducted by a fully qualified and certified instructor and will cover a range of points, including:

Identifying Faults

Analysing Faults

Correct Vocabulary & Phraseology

Identifying Faults

Identifying Faults

Identifying Faults

Throughout the course, candidates will be continually assessed and graded in-line with the set criteria. How well they do will determine their final grade and whether they fail or pass the course at the end. Please note that all candidates must be in possession of the appropriate licence for the type of vehicle being operated.

At the conclusion of the course, those who successfully pass will be issued with a valid certification that qualifies them to act as an assessor. They will be empowered to provide this service either independently or on behalf of their employer.

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